Jane is a lifelong victim of an International Human (Sex) Trafficking and Organized Crime Ring operating within Canada the United States and Abroad; verified by the Canadian and United States Federal Authorities.

Her only child was kidnapped by one of the traffickers and they were never reunited.

The first obligation of any Government is to protect its citizens. Canada has repeatedly failed Jane in that regard by disrespecting her human rights and the fundamental principles of justice. 

The Canadian Government breached international and domestic commitments by avoiding legal responsibilities including legislative protocols to deprive Jane of all legal entitlements, support and protection for victims of human trafficking especially women and children.

The Canadian Government has violated, denied, and suppressed Jane’s Constitutional Rights to be provided with proper counsel and proper protection.

We ask that you help Jane with a Financial Donation for Legal Aid and Support to Uphold and Enforce her Guaranteed Rights and Freedoms as a Canadian Citizen and Victim of Crime.

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